Introduction of ourselves

We are 24 years old and come from Poland. Our country is not very popular in Belgium. Unfortunately people don't know many things about Eastern Europe and use a lot of stereotypes for example: patients think that we (polish people) use Russian alphabet, speak Russian, drink vodka few times a day… and Poland is very big country - bigger than France or Germany… - of course it is not true. If they speak about Poles they often say that they baby sitter or cleaning lady is from Poland. We hope that our stay here will change their point of view. Belgian people will better know us and Poles will better know Belgium…

We live in the Upper Silesia; this region is situated in the south part of Poland and is rich in different landscapes starting from the mountains, through the foothills, forests and urban territories. The main tourist attraction is mountain hiking in summer and winter sports in winter. There are also numerous ruins of medieval castles. Among religious places of Silesian Province the Paulite Monastery complex is the most important. This sanctuary is a sacred place for Catholics who come there on pilgrimage from all corners of the world.
Silesian cities were usually very dirty, polluted industrial areas with many factories, steelworks and coal mines but now towns are transforming to become more environment friendly. Unfortunately some place of work were closed so the unemployment rate increased rapidly.

Ewa lives in Chorzow where you can find the Silesian open-air museum and one of Europe's largest park with zoological garden, the Rosarium, the National Stadium, the water sports centre, a funfair, planetarium and observatory.(apart from a shopping centre and big industrial plants). Chorzow is a 'sporty town', not only because of the National Stadium but the achievements of the local football team Ruch Chorzow are very significant for citizens.

Piotrek lives in Bedzin - it is a very old town where a medieval castle is located. In the castle military items -from the ancient times until the nineteenth century are shown. The coexistence in Bedzin of Polish and Jewish communities has left traces like old cemeteries. The obelisk commemorates the tragic fate of many Jewish citizens of Bedzin.
Throughout centuries Bedzin developed as a industrial city and nowadays it performs the important function in supplying electric energy.
In June 2004 we graduated from the university and got our M.A. We were studying sociology at the Silesian University in Katowice. We met there and fell in love:. Now we are engaged and we are going to marry when we come back to Poland.