Why did we decide to take part in EVS?

When we read in newspaper about EVS we were writing our master's thesis to graduate University and we were thinking about what to do after finishing our studies. We always wanted to help other people and take up some kind of therapy in the future so we thought it would be good opportunity to get experience in this field. We would like to bring not only help and support to others people's lives but also joy and happiness. Our dream is to get certificate in canistherapy and then open center with zootherapy and psychological support.
We strongly believe that animals are very helpful for therapy work in various places such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools, as well as work with the mentally and physically handicapped people. As we mentioned earlier we love animals especially dogs, we are interested in sociology and psychology so such work could fulfill our dreams.
This work in Ms Centrum gives us a big chance to help patients, to get new important experiences and to meet interesting and wonderful people but also learn something about Flemish culture.

First impressions -September 2004

We are really nice surprised because everything here is better then we supposed. This place is quite different from the city we used to live, Melsbroek is very peaceful little town and it suits us very much. People are really good and friendly for us and we feel in Melsbroek like at home. It is very important for us but of course we miss our families, friends and dogs:. Fortunately Zilvinias is here, he is very helpful and shows everything we will need later. He is great friend and we are glad that we met him.
We have only one problem- language but we will try to learn Dutch as fast as possible. We starts our Dutch course on 20th of September and we hope that Dutch will become our second language ;).