My name is Nurettin Gulen.  I am one of volunteers in Cybercafe. I came from Alanya, Antalya in Turkey.  Before coming to here; I had lots of questions in my mind like how will people behave me? , What are they thinking about Turks? How does their meals? . . . etc. Now I have no questions. I am so happy to be here. People are so nice, helpful, behaving polite . I am learning Belgian Cultures. Everything is going well.

I said to you that I came from Alanya. Now I want you to introduce my small city.  Alanya is one of the famous touristic cities in Turkey. It is far away from Antalya about 139 kilometers. Finest detail of Alanya, you can live four seasons in a day. In summer Alanya’s average degree is 40 centigrade and in summer if you fell too hot, you can go to dim river  for swimming cold water which is 8 degrees and you also can eat fish and sleep in summer house. In Alanya there are also magnificent monuments which is the nominee for Unesco Cultural Heritage of the world. Along with the monuments such as the walls, Kizilkule, the dockyard and the gun house, old houses of Alanya inhabited after having been restored are also protected and they are worth visiting.

This year I graduated Marine Transportation Management Engineering from Istanbul University. My education is about transporting all over the worth by seaway and calculating logistic traffics between ports and stores or warehouses.

How did I decided to be one of the volunteers in EVS programs? After university, lots of my classmates want to go to another country for learning new language. One day my fiancé said to me that there is one of European Union’s project which name is European Volunteer Service and you consult projects which your sending organization sent your e-mail or you find on European Youth Commission’s web site.  If you are accepted one of these projects, European Union will pay all of your costs. After these speech, I found a sending organization, name is GENCTUR, started writing projects and in April I was accepted this project by IMSO.

I came to Belgium on the 12th of August, Friday. I have been here for a month. After landing  to Belgium, while I was coming to National Ms Center in Melsbroek by taxi,  there were lots of single-family homes that was first attracting mine attention in Belgium.  The second attention is, in Belgium when I came to Melsbroek, I have to call my parents, but I could not get any reception down here so I asked a lady where I can buy a telephone card and she said to me that I can buy it from gas station, but it would be closed after 10 minutes. I surprised because in my country lots of shops never close at 8 p.m. and gas stations also work all day. Some another day, I went to gas station for buying telephone card without giving my identity card. In Turkey, if you want to buy telephone card for mobile phone, you show your identity card.  One day in the evening I opened the fridge for taking my dinner but I did not see my meal in the fridge and I told Katharina that I did not find my dinner in the fridge, we went to dining hall again, Katharina opened the fridge and took my plate which included with salad, breads, chocolate, marmalade and fruits and said to me this is your dinner and I surprised again because in Turkey twice a day we eat hot meals.

Belgium also impressed me. I am so glad to be in this country. Firstly, I  admired historical places and buildings. It seem as if all of the buildings in Belgium were historical. When I see a historical building in Belgium, I think how people constructed these places. I also like Belgian chocolates and fries.

In Cybercafe I am helping patients to surf on internet, playing chess and bowling on Nintendo Wii, reading news which they want and writing e-mail to their friends or parents and I am also taking a time table about patient’s using computer time. I have a colleague whom name is Katharina.  About working time we have two shifts. Week to week we change our shifts. If I work so far as first shift, my work starts at 9:30 and finishes 15:30; if I work so far as second shift, from Monday until Wednesday my work starts 14:00 and finishes 17:00 in Cybercafe and these days I open cafeteria at 18:00 and close at 20:00. The rest of weekdays I work from 11:00 to 17:00 in Cybercafe.  When we work in the cafeteria, we sell drinks to patients and some of times we play bowling on Nintendo Wii.


I am so happy to get accepted this project. In National Ms Center patients and another colleagues are so helpful and cheerful. When I need something, as soon as possible they help me.  I owe Doctor KETELAER and I.M.S.O.  a debt of gratitude to select me to this project.



Nurettin Gulen