Cybercafe - project for volunteers:

The cybercafe is also a project for volunteers.

Young people from all over Europe can be volunteers of the Europen Voluntary Service (EVS) and help other people, animals, the nature... On the website of the EVS you can find a lot of projects. Choose one or several and find a sending organization. Your application will be sent to a host organization and if you are accepted... you become a volunteer.  

Every year the NMSC engages new volunteers to work in the cybercafe and to continue this successful project:


In 2002-2003: Zilvinas GAVENAS (LT) and MOS (RO) In 2008-2009: Janine PAASCH (DE)
In 2003-2004: Judith GAGER (AT) and Zilvinas GAVENAS (RO) In 2009-2010: Marie DIETZE (DE)
In 2004-2005: Ewa Skrzycka (PL) and Piotrek Golebiowski (PL) In 2010-2011: Hanna KÄHLER (DE) and Sercan BALLIKAYA (TR)
In 2005-2006: Gözde KIRAL (TR) and Özgür UCAR (TR) In 2011-2012: Katharina SCHOPF (DE) and Nurettin GÜLEN (TR)
In 2006-2007: Soner ORHAN (TR) In 2012-2013: Tammo SCHOCH (DE) and Cemal TEZCAN (TR)
In 2007-2008: Ersan KAP (TR) and Eleni ATHANASIADOU (GR) In 2013-2014: Frederike LAMKEN (DE) and Zekeriya GÜMܪHAN (TR)