Information about the cybercafe

The cybercafe's main aim is to help patients to become more independent through the medium internet and the computer. We try to introduce the patients to the world of IT. We explain in a simple way the basics of using the Internet, e-mail-accounts and Microsoft software so that they can make more things on their own at home. There is also a "Guide through the websites" with which can be worked.

The cybercafe is not only a place where people can get on the internet. It is a place to get away from the daily routine, for having fun, to educate oneself, to start own projects and a place to communicate with other patients in the hospital or all over the world. In fact the cybercafe is very important for the people with MS in Melsbroek.

5 Dell - Intel Core 2 Duo 3,00 GHz, 3,25 GB with Microsoft Windows XP Professional system with 5 Dell monitors (19”)

2 HP - Intel Pentium 4 2,60GHz, 512 MB with Microsoft Windows XP Professional system with 1 Philips monitor (19”) and 1 HP monitor (17”)

Also for patients with severe disability the accessibility to the computer is guaranteed by the use of special aids and software - for example a joystick which you can use by a chin.
The cybercafe users can communicate with others: patients, family, friends and meet people from all over the world. They can read a lot of information about Multiple Sclerosis. They can do shopping, make payments, find sponsors, play games, create their own IMSO magazine...