Hot nieuws



Never again two keys at the same time

The new keyboard from Sensotec makes it impossible to press more than one key simultaniously. Thanks to a special layer unwanted mistakes are a thing of the past.

begin 2011

A handicap is no opstacle in the cybercafe

There is a new version of the mouse which one can use with the chin. A new USB port makes it possible to use this helpful device also on the nieuw computers. The buying was made possible through a present of the professional association of the architects. Thank you very much!

end 2010

Another new computer!

Now there is even a fifth new Dell computer.

mid 2010

Printing and copying on a high level

With the new HP Color LaserJet CM 1312 MFP is the printing and copying easy and has the result a good quality.

mid 2009

Four new computers!

The equipment of the cybercafe is strikingly improved through the buying of four nieuw computers. Those are Dell Optiplex 760 Core 2 Duo; 2,99 GHz. 3,21 GB with new 17 inch Dell flatscreens.


The Cybercafe is again used a lot

Since the new connection of the cybercafe to the cafeteria, the cybercafe is better approachable for the patients. The statistics of the attendence - which are regularly taken - are a proof for this.


The Cybercafe gets better and better...

During march ('05) we started wth the use of five optical mice. In april we got two new big screens. Those new monitors are much better for people with eye-problems. The work on the PC gets much more comfortable through them. They are very popular in the cybercafe - not at least because of their good look.



The trackball-mouse...

This mouse is a special type and one does not have to change its position while using. In this mouse there is a small ball which can be moved with the finger. For people who have problems with their hands and even for beginners this system can be much easier to use. Ask for it in the cybercafe...