"Dare the impossible to reach the possible" Herman Hesse

We have to go back to the year 1999. The European Platform of Multiple Sclerosis Societies started to introduce the idea of an internet cafe for people with disabilities. With the support of the EVS ("European Voluntary Service") eleven hospitals in seven European countries participated in the original project.
The name of this project was (and still is) Bre@king the isolation. The main aim was to teach patients about the world of IT. Volunteers explain the basics of the use of the internet (e-mail, chatting, e-shopping...) and computer software. We hope that people are able to do more things on their own at homes and in their everyday live.
Since 2000 the Cybercafe - Bre@king the isolation project is the independent project of the National MS Center (NMSC) in Melsbroek which collaborates with the EVS in Belgium. Young people from all over Europe can work here and help by teaching on the subject computers. Thanks to Dr Pierre Ketelaer (Vice-President of I.M.S.O.), Walter Sablon (former administrative director of the NMSC), Christel Kempeneers (president of I.M.S.O.) and volunteers the conditions of the cybercafe are better and better.

                   Dr. Ketelaer                                        Christel Kempeneers                                      Walter Sablon                           

Every year the NMSC engages new volunteers to work in the Cybercafe and to continue this successful project.
The Cybercafe is still developing. Since 2002 there is more and more new equipment (hardware) and a lot of patients use the computers. On this website you can find information such as statistics, a cybercafe presentation and many pictures. We hope that everything will be all right and that the next volunteers will be able to continue this project.